Comprehensive Tour of Manipur

This is the tour if you want to see the combined beauty of the hills and valley of Manipur. Your appreciation for our state and the people will increase manifold when you see the lives of both the valley dwellers and the highlanders. We have exclusively designed this tour for those who want to give more time to our land to understand our people more:

Comprehensive Tour of Manipur (7 Nights / 8 Days)

Tour Highlights:

Imphal City | Kangla Fort | Women’s Market | WWII Cemeteries | Burma (Myanmar) | Burmese Food and Drinks | WWII Cemeteries | Ukhrul | Shirui Lily | Longpi | Cave | Tangkhul Naga | Loktak Lake | Sangai Deer | Keibul Lamjao National Park | Battle of Imphal | Indian National Army Memorial Complex | Japanese memorial | ….. and many more!

Experiences to be expected:

  • City tour
  • Interaction with local people
  • Traditional Manipuri thali (meal)
  • WWII battlefields
  • Passport and visa free crossing into Myanmar (For Indians)
  • Burmese traditional food, drinks and culture
  • Burmese pagodas
  • Shirui Hill trek
  • Tangkhul Naga cuisine
  • Black stone pottery
  • Tribal culture
  • Phumdi
  • Local homestays
  • Local drink
  • Black rice
  • Floating national park
  • Greenery and rolling blue hills

Outline itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Imphal. Half day tour of Imphal.

Day 2: Full day trip into Myanmar (Burma) to experience Burmese food, culture and many more.

Day 3: Full day tour of Imphal City.

Day 4: Drive to Tangkhul Naga inhabited town of Ukhrul. Explore Ukhrul and neighboring villages.

Day 5: Trekking at Shirui Hill to see Shirui Lily. Visit Longpi village for black stone pottery and surrounding area.

Day 6: Drive towards Loktak Lake from Ukhrul. Visit many interesting sites en route. Spend the night at Loktak.

Day 7: Visit Keibul Lamjao National Park, enjoy boating at the Loktak Lake and explore the islands around the lake. Spend a peaceful evening by the lake.

Day 8: Depart from Imphal.


Write to us or call us for any questions about the above itinerary. All our itineraries can be customized to suit your convenience and interests. Let us know if you wish to see and experience the other interesting aspects of Manipur too such as  Dzuko Valley, Tribal Monoliths, Sangai Festival, WWII battlefield tours, trekking, Willong Khullen, Hilltop village, traditional games, etc.

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