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A charming exchange takes place early on in Imphal, a seminal book on the Second World War’s Battle of Imphal by Geoffrey Evans and Antony Brett-James. It dates back to 1942 and involves a British Army matron on her way back from a break in Imphal and a group of Royal Engineers heading in her direction:

‘Where have you come from?’ was their first question.
‘I’ve come from Imphal,’ she replied.
‘Oh! Wherever is it? We’d never heard of the place, and we’ve already been on the way from Bangalore for ten days.’
‘Well, you’re not far away now.’
‘Good! That’s a relief! But where is it? What is it? What do we find when we get there?’
‘You’ll find a little paradise on earth.’

Discover Imphal and Manipur with Imphal Walks

In some ways, the above still rings true – most people in India and the rest of the world know little, if anything, about Manipur in India’s North East and Imphal, its capital city. Of course, one might be a little hard pressed to describe present-day Imphal, or any modern Indian city for that matter, as a ‘little paradise on earth.’ But once you land here you begin to realise what may have inspired that British matron’s remark over 70 years ago.

And with our choice of walking and non-walking tours that cover Imphal and the rest of Manipur, there is no one better than Imphal Walks to show you the way!